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Frequently Asked Questions

Our top FAQs
Question: When are you available for repairs?
Answer: We are available 24/7 for our customer’s breakdown and emergency repairs. Call us anytime on (02) 9544 4088 or 0418 675 748.
Question: Do you do asbestos removal? 

No, we do not offer asbestos removal. We do advise you when we detect suspected asbestos contamination.

Question: Our factory is located in rural NSW, can you help us?

Answer: Yes! Some of our largest clients are located in rural NSW, so we are happy to travel.

Question: We are looking to replace our unit’s burner, can you assist?

Answer: Yes! Working with the burner quarl is our specialty. We can organise a turn key solution if required.

Question: Do you do backyard pizza ovens, hobby forges, or fire pits?

Answer: No. Our work is commercial and industrial.

Question: Do you make wardrobes?

Answer: Contrary to our company name, no! We work with refractories, not wardrobes. The company was actually named after our founder Arthur D. Wardrobe back in 1956 – read the full story on our About Us page. 

Question: We are looking to build a custom-made furnace. Can you assist?

Answer: Gladly! We have helped design many custom-built furnaces for unique projects, both at an industrial scale and for R&D. Get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Question: Do you work with electric or induction furnaces?

Answer: Yes! We have worked on many electric and induction units. We can assist with refractory installation and can organise the electrical components if required.

Question: The flue attached to our furnace is damaged. Do you repair them?

Answer: We can organise for the repair or installation of the steelwork if damaged. We can then repair the refractories.

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